kindergarten launches the theme education activity of “walking into the autumnal equinox”

In order to let children experience the traditional Chinese culture and understand the customs of solar terms, on September 23, the Children’s Kindergarten launched the “Into the Autumn Equinox” theme education activity.

Children first learned about the customs and characteristics of the autumnal equinox through teachers’ explanations and watching videos. They knew that the temperature would drop day by day after the autumnal equinox. Some children said: “After the autumnal equinox, you can’t play barefoot. You will get chills and get sick easily.” There are also children. Said: “Autumn is the most beautiful, because the autumn wind will dance with autumn leaves!” Children, you say me, the scene is very lively.

The teacher took the children to the kindergarten expectation for the shadow of autumn. The children found that the leaves had turned yellow and there were a lot of fallen leaves on the ground. Under the guidance of the teacher, everyone used leaves to complete the work “Autumn”.

Plant one millet in spring, and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn. The autumnal equinox is also set up as the “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival. In order to let the children experience the joy of the farmers’ harvest, the teacher takes the children to peel beans, corn, garlic and other tasks within their power, and feel the harvest in practice. joy.

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